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Buy and Sell Coins

COINSTEC's™ exchange is a place for everyone who wants to buy and sell digital currency quickly and easily. Using credit cards or bank transfer you can instantly buy or sell at guaranteed fair prices. Instant execution directly from your personal wallet. Join users from around the globe taking advantage of our safe secure exchange. COINSTEC™ offers competitive fees and rates.

Cryptocurrency Trading

COINSTEC™ offer a platform for anyone who wants to trade cryptocurrencies to take advantage of market action. You can buy low and sell high or you can sell high and buy low. Get outstanding order execution, tight spreads and the best prices using our advanced trading platforms. COINSTEC™ offers high leverage and low margins on a variety of coins and currency pairs.


Become an Expert Trader

Not only does COINSTEC™ offer outstanding trading and exchanges with their dynamic single wallet protocol, they also want to make sure their clients have the best education and financial tools available.

COINSTEC's™ learning center offers strategies for cryptocurrencies investing and trading as well as basic knowledge videos and eBooks. COINSTEC™ offers one on one trading and step by step trading.

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Our low latency cryptocurrency exchange offers instant execution,
guaranteed pricing with easy deposit and withdrawals from your COINSTEC™ single wallet.

Buy a coin and hold in your wallet or sell if for a quick profit. You can turn around your profits and withdraw
them instantly.

  • Buy quickly and easily
  • Send funds in just a few clicks
  • Store your digital coins safely
  • Lows fees and exchange rates

Your Safety, Security & Privacy are Important to Us

Single Wallet Protocols

The COINSTEC™ single wallet is based on multi-layered storage which are placed around the world, so your funds are always safe.


Your account and your data are encrypted. All communication with and within the data center is also 100% secured by encryption protocols.

Locked Payout Addresses

COINSTEC™ has many security features to protect your funds. For example, withdrawal addresses are locked by two-factor or password authentication.

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