About Us | COINSTEC is a world leader in cryptocurrency trading and exchange.

We are the first company to combine the speed and flexibility of blockchain finance with the acceptance of traditional currency — all in one account.

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COINSTEC™, is the new and improved hybrid cryptocurrency platform, offering a single wallet for all transaction.
Whether you want to trade a digital coin or just buy and own them.

We offer a secure encrypted wallet linked your exchange and your trading accounts in most currencies.
At COINSTEC™ we believe that it is time to change the outdated, expensive and often frustrating financial infrastructure. We have succeeded in integrating the best peer-to-peer transfer and online trading platform— so simple, our service works with just a few clicks. We’ve worked hard to enhance security, protect privacy, and improve customer experience, so you can enjoy unrivalled remittance and personal banking services. We emphasize security and speed. Fast payouts, fast transactions and faster withdrawal all protected by our unique encryptions.

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COINSTEC™ is constantly innovating and improving our products and services to suit your needs. Let us drive your money to the future of cryptocurrencies.

COINSTEC™ believes everyone should be part of the financial revolution. It’s time to combine cryptocurrency with traditional currencies in our daily finances. We no longer have to limit ourselves to just one — both are infinitely better. We believe everyone should have access to digital currency services.

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