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Our single wallet allows for fast processing as well as simple transactions.

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All you need is a single account with just one wallet to trade, buy or invest in all currencies. You can move funds between the exchange and the trading platform, deposit and withdraw from a single source.

Exchanges are not considered a safe place to store your cryptocurrency long term, for that you will need a ‘wallet.’ This means a piece of software, a hardware device or an online service which stores your private keys to your crypto funds.

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COINSTEC's™ single wallet provided exactly this. A safe secure place to store your funds. You can store multiple coins and multiple currencies and easily move them within your single wallet.

There are a lot of options for cryptocurrency wallets and many have proven in the past to be insecure or fraudulent, therefore it is best to keep an eye on the wallet provider you use and always follow best practices for securing your wallet. These include picking a strong password that you will remember, enabling multi-signature, encrypting the wallet and routinely backing it up on several locations such as on USB keys. With the COINSTEC™ single wallet most of the worries and back up steps are not necessary.