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Trading Platform Usage

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Open New Trade Position

2. Choose Volume

Choose the required volume and position, Sell or Buy, using the red and green button in the right side trading panel.

3. Click Invest

Click on ‘Invest’ button for opening the new position.

Monitoring Your Trades

Open Trades

Every new trade or existing open trades can be found here, including the options to close or modify it by setting 'stop loss' or 'take profit' limits.

Understanding the Numbers

Available Funds

Known as “Free Margin”, the trader’s funds that are free for future trading or withdraw. These funds are not being used as collateral in trades.

Used Funds

Known also as “Margin”, which are the funds that are using as collateral in the open trades

Account Value

The absolute total value of trader account, while open trades are also factored. Known also as “Equity”.


“Profit and Loss” value accrues from all the open trades

Required Funds

The minimum required for opening a new trade or pending trade