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One of the guiding rules of COINSTEC™ is based under the “fairness principle” where all our dealing is transparent and above board.

This principle holds that when a number of persons engage in a just, mutually advantageous, cooperative venture according to rules and thus restrain their liberty in ways necessary to yield advantages for all, those who have submitted to these restrictions have a right to similar acquiescence on the part of those who have benefited from their submission. Fairness is characterized by equity, respect, justice and stewardship of the shared world, both among people and in their relations to others.

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At COINSTEC™, your funds are protected along with your personal data. COINSTEC™ employs advanced state of the art encryption software to protect your data and your account. As a company licensed and approved to conduct online trading COINSTEC™ has instituted procedures designed to keep client money secure. Daily security checks ensure that the firm has constant sufficient capital. Client funds are also kept strictly separate from company money in investment grade rated banks.

Your transactions and personal data are safe and secure at all time. Your funds are held by the most respected banks in the world so that you can trade with the peace of mind knowing that your investments are locked behind walls and layers of protection, encryption and regulations.

All our transactions are transparent as well as our reputation. If you want to take a minute and check us out go to our regulation page to learn more.

Over the pasted few years the COINSTEC™ family of investment and online trading facilities has managed to keep an unblemished record as we are here to serve our clients as best as possible. We do not manage accounts or provide asset guidance or handle your funds. We are here to provide you an unmatched trading arena with the closest spreads, the fastest executions and the best education. Our reputation is based on treating all clients fairly and making sure all of our transactions are transparent. You know you are safe and secure when you trade with COINSTEC™ allowing you to focus on trading and earning profits.